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I'm a freelance drummer, beatmaker and producer from Berlin, Germany. If you like what you see and hear feel free to hit me up and follow me.

"Le Gruyère" on Soundcloud

Released on Long Lost Relative (Berlin) and Bandcamp (digital) 21/03/2014
Go and get the full album for 5.- euros here:

released on long lost relative (berlin, germany)
production: trommeltobi
guitars on track 2, 3, 9: trommeltobi
mix and master: stefan kraatz L26 studio, berlin (germany)
vocal recording track 3 and track 9: stefan kraatz
track 5: Amewu
track 8: Yarah Bravo
violin recording: kenji451 (alte feuerwache, berlin)
“sugar” (track 6) mix: testa (duzz down san, vienna)
cover photo: mothergrain
artwork & design: nita
released 21 March 2014 
Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me with this album.
Special thanks to all feature artists, Stefan Kraatz, Miriam Bahr, DJ Werd, the whole Duzz Down San family and to my label Long Lost Relative.

"Never you mind what I see in you
Grow because you’re beautiful, not because I need you to
Grow till you outstretch every single piece of you
Heaven will see you through but you got to believe it’s true” -
Brother Ali

The album is dedicated to Steven Hood

Me drumming on Herr von Grau’s song “Vergesslich”.

Dope group from berlin. Check them out on Facebook or

But first my video! lol

And here my latest one. Yelawolf - Box Chevy.

Sorry germany, it’s blocked here due to GEMA (copyrights)

Always remember - I don’t want to show off…I always want to play FOR the song and FOR the artist. Too many drummer’s forget that and kill songs with their big ego and fils everywhere.

The artist is still the most important person…not the drummer! lol

And - no cuts,overdubs, 500 takes or fakes.

I always make 3-5 takes and take the one I like most. What you see is me playing the whole song in one go.

Enjoy…happy spring days to everyone! TrommelTobi

TrommelTobi drums SENSER (Age of panic)

Enjoy! :)

My latest video. Dumming over Waxolutionists’ “Fields of wonders”.

I love switzerland! And switzerland loves Yarah Bravo. Pictures from 2010 and 2012, in front of Helsinki club and inside Stall 6. Great memories!

Show with Yarah Bravo & Band in Paris (Nouveau Casino).

I was honoured to go on europe tour with Frank Nitt, Illa J and Sepalot in spring 2011.

The Turntable Tutorial.

The event is hosted by DJ Werd, Amewu and me. Happening every two weeks in Wendel, Schlesische Straße 42, Berlin X-Berg.

the turntable tutorial is an event for people wishing to experience hip hop inspired music in a new, comfortable environment. the commercialization and exploitation of the culture we live and love has resulted in a one dimensional representation of hip hop in the main stream. this is partly due to the lack of events dedicated to the versatility of hip hop. the turntable tutorial is a rare opportunity to appreciate the music of contemporary artists that are otherwise overlooked by the radio/club scene.

the event will be hosted by dj werd who is always promoting the turntable as a musical instrument, and amewu who until now has been known as one of the most talented upcoming rappers in the german rap scene. these two djs will provide the background melodies from turntables, samplers and other live instruments, while trommel tobi keeps the beat locked in with live drums and various live percussion.

the turntable tutorial sessions will frequently feature a new guest. djs, musicians, singers, emcees or producers will be selected from a handful of talented young artists who are inspired by hip hop culture, and will provide spontaneous musical improvisation to compliment the band.

come join us!